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Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Move all the logistics stress of your business onto us.   With access to over a million square feet of warehouse storage across the UK and Europe Currie Solutions is able to offer tailored logistics management solution.   Each site is fully equipped with the latest in security, equipment and storage systems, allowing us to provide a comprehensive and secure service.   We can organise distribution of your orders and manage your inventory onsite.

We can work in partnership with you during growth or restructure to make the most cost effective solution for your business

Storage, warehousing

Contracting your logistics to us provides you with the following:

  • Warehouse storage
  • Order Distribution
  • Stock management and forecasting
  • Contingency planning
  • Order picking & cross-docking
  • Re-packaging
  • Returns and recycling
  • UK Transport
  • EU import and Export
  • Trailers in your own livery

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