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Logistics transport

Contract Transport

From Currie Solutions

Our Contract Transport service enables clients to outsource all or part of their total transport operation with solutions tailored to their exact requirements. We offer supply chain logistics and management logistics, allowing you to focus on other key business areas.

With our dedicated large fleet and account managers we can arrange all your European imports, exports and national distribution of pallets to full loads. We can communicate with your customers direct to keep both you and them informed of delivery schedules and ETA’s, keeping your freight on the most efficient journey possible.

Warehouse, Storage, UK, France, Netherlands

Our Solutions include:

  • Management of all transport services
  • Optimum use of alternative services
  • On site management if required
  • Tailored reports and KPIs
  • Dedicated vehicles where appropriate
  • Optional trailers in customer’s own livery
  • EDI links
  • Organised supply chain logistics
  • Coordinated logistics
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