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New Masternaut Connect

Kirstie Aitken, 24th April 2018

As a company we aim to keep up to date with the latest technological advances that support both our employees and customers alike to offer better logistic management of our fleet. We recently upgraded to the fourth-generation Masternaut Connect and integrated this with our fleet management system. With interactive live map activity and asset tracking we can access historical journeys and reports.

The real life tracking function across the UK and mainland Europe allows our planners to find the best vehicle for the job based on a location, provide accurate arrival times and prepare shipments just-in-time for pick up. This results in better vehicle utilisation, productivity, driver performance and fuel efficiency.

The system is also linked to our driver’s tachograph so it shows us exactly how many hours they have done and how many they have left. It also monitors driving style, picking up on speeding or harsh breaking which allows us to offer specific training depending to the driver.

The Masternaut technology tracks both the truck and trailers as individual units and together so we know exactly where all our customers freight is and we can keep a constant track of progress without constant calls to the driver. The system allows us to estimate times of arrival that keep our customer service team updated and therefore our customers up to date with any delays or issues.








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