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Fire and Rescue Heavy Rescue Operator Training

Kirstie Aitken, 4th May 2018

Fire and Rescue Heavy Rescue Operator Training

Currie solutions were involved with the latest Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Heavy Rescue Operator course training at the Garroch Loaning Training Centre in Dumfries.   We supported the local service by providing truck, trailer, driver and a live casualty.

Over 27,000 people were killed or seriously injured in the UK during 2017 due to road traffic accidents therefore our rescue services need to be kept up to date with the latest features in our vehicles and develop the skills needed to deal with these situations.

HGV Rescue Training

Instructors; Crew Manager Tony Reid, Crew Manager Chris Gracie, Crew Manager David Boyd, Crew Manager Pete Melville and Watch Manager Brian McClauchlan led the course.   The training involved setting the scene where a car had driven into the side of the trailer and managed to be wedged underneath the trailer bed.   On arrival the unit assessed the casualties and completed a 360 walk round of the vehicles and surrounding area.   The officer in charge then asked team one to stabilize the car and team two to stabilize the truck and trailer.   This involved using blocks to stop any suspension movement whilst working on the vehicles and recuing the casualties.   Our own driver Neil Robertson also offered the option of lifting the suspension.   The team then began procedures to safely remove the casualties from the vehicle.   This included using hydraulics to remove the doors, lift the front dash and remove the roof to remove all 3 casualties who were trapped within the car safely.

Instructor Pete Melville explained what key information HGV drivers can assist with in an accident similar to this:

HGV Driver Heavy Haulage

Tony Reid from the Fire and Rescue Service trainee and employee development department thanked the company for their help with the training.   He explained that it was vital for the team to have access to hands on training so they can understand how these vehicles work and how to deal with such situations if/when they arise efficiently and effectively.   By familiarising themselves with the vehicles they are able to isolate areas and also stabilize the situation quicker.

Kirstie Aitken from Currie Solutions actively took part as a live casualty where she was freed from the car and aided onto a board for paramedic treatment if needed.   She explained that “even though it was role play, you still felt a little nervous within the mock situation.   The team worked professionally and made me feel at ease, talking through what they were doing.   They worked in a sensitive but competent manner.”

This was the last of the local courses which has seen 31 local personnel learn and develop new skills to be utilised in real life scenarios.


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